About us

Adams Coffee Trading is a new reality of raw coffee importation that came to life through a 20 years experience in the coffee area.

Our philosophy and thereby our aim is to work in synergy with cultivators on the best plantations. We search and select daily best quality, by supervising personally the process which goes through picking, cultivation, logistics and coffee preparation, preserving always professionalism, seriousness and demanding always the maximum to offer an exclusive product, with high quality and best purchase conditions.

Togo: ETS ADAMS SANDA & FILS | Cafe et Cacao | D.G. Adams Sanda Ali | BP. 9218 Lomé-Togo
Germany: Adams Coffee Trading | Enrico Antonio Poidomani | Röntgenstraße 26 | 42477 Radevormwald
Italy: Adams Coffee Trading | Antonino Bennardo | P.IVA 01427070881 | Via Vanella 139 n.59 97015 Modica (RG)

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