Green Coffee

Our adventure begins in Africa, a continent traditionally known for his coffee source and for his distinguished Arabica and Robusta Coffee.

It is not by chance that our coffee is cultivated in Togo, a nation that may not be on the top of the global production for robusta but therefore offers a high quality raw coffee, which is very treasured in Italy with his brilliant quality of a famous espresso coffee.

The robusta coffeeplant grows in Togo, in an attitude that goes from 300m up to 800 m, the average temperature is in between 18°c and 27°c. The crop takes place once a year, between december and march. To guarantee a high qualitiy we decided to work with the “stripping“ crop method.

During the next step all the chosen coffee beans have to be dried on the sun or in apposite frames for approximately 20 days until the pulp and the skin of the coffee fruit will pucker up.

Thereupon the coffee fruits will be pressed through a husker machine so that it is possible to liberate the coffee bean definitely from his shell.

This way of preparation is called “ dry “ or “ natural”. After obtaining the coffee beans there has to be done a final work, that consists in cleaning and assorting, therefore we use a special filter in order to separate the good coffee beans from the foul and those which may have residues and impurity.

At least it is possible to define a classification for the obtained coffee beans, which is subdivided in following criteria: form, colour, dimension, quantity of foul beans, treatment, coffee sort, derivation and age-group of the crop.

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